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UGGs and Winter Wear

UGGs and Winter Wear


We know how much you have invested in a pair of UGG boots. Unfortunately, the winters can be extremely hard on your UGGs with snow and salt stains.

Our Wet Clean advanced cleaning process will not harm the shape, feel or appearance of your UGGs. Once cleaned, your UGGs are then shower proofed for further protection from the elements. This final process acts as a weather guard for your UGG boots. The results will astound you.

Your winter coats and jackets should no exception when it comes to cleaning them the eco-friendly way. We specialize in environmentally friendly dry cleaning for all your winter wear including high-end brands like RUDSAK, Mackage, Canada Goose!

“I highly recommend going to Nettoyeur Écologique Royal! They did a FANTASTIC job in cleaning my white wool coat. I have attempted to dry clean this coat in the past but unfortunately, the coat has returned with a more yellowish color rather than off-white. But Nettoyeur Écologique Royal did restore my coat to its original color. Thank you!”

Verkin Khajadourian
Chomedy, 23 January, 2013

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